A Witch Trial at the Legal Aid Society

Bari Weiss
Common Sense with Bari Weiss

Excerpt: If you google “bleeding heart liberal,” Maud Maron might well turn up as the first hit. Every cause liberals are supposed to fight for, every group they are supposed to champion, every candidate they are supposed to support — well, that was Maron’s not so atypical life and career. But today the public defender is filing suit in the Southern District of New York against the Legal Aid Society, which recently fired her.

The suit claims that Maron, who has publicly opposed more radical reforms of New York’s public school system, was “discriminated against on the basis of race” by her employer, Legal Aid Society, and her union, the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys. It claims that both defendants “published knowingly false statements in furtherance of ideological and political motives divorced from the core functions of Ms. Maron’s employment.” In other words: she was forced out of her job because of her political views and her race.