Will Princeton Investigate a Progressive Professor for Plagiarism?

Abigail Y. Anthony, Princeton Student
National Review

Excerpt: You may know Princeton University history professor Kevin Kruse from social media, where he shares insightful comments, such as “Is there a contest to see who can be the stupidest member of Congress?” Such posts accumulate thousands of likes from his half-million followers. His Twitter is so far left that it makes Vox look conservative. You might also recognize Kruse from his guest appearances on MSNBC or his contributions to the New York Times 1619 Project. Now, he faces numerous allegations of plagiarism, a charge detailed by Phil Magness in Reason. Kruse’s doctoral dissertation and books include passages (even verbatim clauses) that are strikingly similar to previously published works, without appropriate quotation marks, proper citations, or footnotes. While Princeton University purports to have a robust commitment to free speech, this commitment does not protect plagiarism.