Whig-Clio and the Stealth Suppression of Free Speech

Edward Yingling, ’70 and Stuart Taylor, Jr., ’70, co-founders of Princetonians for Free Speech
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Summary: The President and Secretary/Treasurer of PFS comment on the on-going controversy at Princeton over a possible speaking invitation to George F. Will by Whig-Clio, the most historic debating society at any American University. Two undergraduate members of Whig-Clio have written conflicting reports, all excerpted and linked on this website, about the reason no invitation was extended. In their article, the PFS officers say that whichever report one believes, the inability of Whig-Clio to agree to extend an invitation to Will, a distinguished Princeton graduate school alumnus and one of the most venerated news commentators of our time, demonstrates the pervasive reach of the suppression of free speech on America’s campuses and at Princeton specifically.