What the Intellectual Diversity Bill Means for FSU

Lee Beaudrot

Excerpt: Students who have recently started classes for the semester may have noticed a new addition to the traditional first day review of policies and expectations. Professors and instructors have introduced the “Intellectual and Viewpoint Diversity Bill” in the state Senate. However, the actual contents of the bill and the motivations behind it are much less innocuous.

The basic contents of the bill, passed just a few months ago include:

    A provision that allows students to film during classes but prohibits posting said videos online.
    Instituting an annual survey of faculty and students at Florida public universities that asks about their political and social views.
    A somewhat confusing attempt to prevent universities from “shielding” students from certain types of speech.

The information given on the first day of classes is just the tip of the iceberg. The bill is meant to ensure that publicly funded universities in Florida aren’t acting as so-called "indoctrination" centers. The governor said as much when he signed the bill.