University of Illinois at Chicago reneges on agreement with law professor Jason Kilborn

Josh Bleisch
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Excerpt: Just a few months after agreeing not to punish law professor Jason Kilborn for his use of pedagogically relevant references to redacted slurs on an exam, the University of Illinois at Chicago is going back on its promise. UIC’s latest violation of Kilborn’s First Amendment rights comes weeks before he is set to return to the classroom in January. Kilborn agreed to alert the dean before responding to student complaints about racial issues and to having his classes audio recorded. Kilborn welcomed both of these stipulations in order to protect himself against spurious complaints.
Having done nothing wrong, Kilborn did object to requirements that he attend mandatory sensitivity training or sign a non-disclosure agreement that would have barred him from publicly commenting on his ordeal. UIC has not only violated his right to academic freedom, but has also breached a promise it made to Kilborn and his FIRE-provided attorney.