Students demand Princeton preemptively bar Sen. Ted Cruz ’92 from on-campus recognition

Bharvi Chavre and Katherine Dalley
The Daily Princetonian

Excerpt: A number of undergraduates and alumni are calling on the University to formally and preemptively abstain from honoring Sen. Ted Cruz ’92’s (R-Texas) legacy on campus. The group is also calling on President Eisgruber to consider revoking Cruz’s degree and calling on Cruz to resign from the Senate. The petition, created by Joshua Faires ’20, has 1,529 signatures at the time of publication, many of which are from students and alumni. It represents one of several calls for action against Cruz following his objections to the certification of election results in both Arizona and Pennsylvania and amplification of debunked voter fraud claims before the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol Building. Faires’ petition is directed towards University administration with explicit demands for University President Christopher Eisgruber ’83.