Strides in Civics Education Reform

David Randall
National Association of Scholars

Excerpt: Only in the last months have civics reformers begun to fight back against action civics and Critical Race Theory. The Civics Alliance was founded just this March. Now we have reached August, when most state legislatures are out of session, and even the U.S. Congress moves more slowly. It’s time for a progress report. How have reform bills fared? How have reformers succeeded by means other than state laws?

I’ll also mention how recent efforts to impose action civics, radical identity politics, and CRT by statute have progressed. The radical establishment will push ahead with or without authorizing laws to impose action civics and CRT, unless reformers pass laws to restrain them.

[The rest of the article discusses legislative actions in Texas, Ohio, South Carolina, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and South Dakota., and notes that 20 state attorneys general have written the U.S. Education Department to express their opposition to Critical Race Theory.]