Ricketts, 22 state senators ‘strongly urge’ passing of CRT resolution, criticize UNL

Zach Wendling
The Daily Nebraskan

Excerpt: Just days before the University of Nebraska Board of Regents is set to vote on a resolution to stop the “imposition of critical race theory in the NU system,” Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts and other top state leaders are formally urging regents to pass the resolution.

“While the broader public has only recently become familiar with CRT, we believe it poses a unique and imminent threat to students, our state and our university system for three reasons: It is racially divisive, anti-American and is used to attack free speech,” the letter reads. It’s unclear how such a resolution would be enforced if it’s passed, but the resolution has been met by heavy opposition from faculty, students and administrators — including NU President Ted Carter and Chancellor Ronnie Green — who have said the resolution is a violation of academic freedom