Rice students discuss legality of moderating hate speech on campus

Hajera Naveed and Bonnie Zhao
The Rice Thresher

Excerpt: Wiess College [a Rice University residential college] is adding a clause banning hate speech to their college constitution, according to Wiess College President Varun Kukunoor. According to Wiess Diversity Facilitator Alizay Azeem, a group of sophomores at Wiess have recently been reported to Wiess Court for regularly using the N-word.

“[Those students], as I understand, are non-black and are actually white,” Azeem, a Wiess junior, said. “They’ve been using the N-word casually in terms of not necessarily using it towards people directly in an inflammatory way, but they’re still using it amongst each other. Regardless of their intention, it is still egregious because they are contributing to a hostile environment.” Azeem said that the Wiess diversity facilitators plan on holding a workshop in a few weeks to address the situation and educate people on the different forms of hate speech.