Princeton department conducts racially segregated mandatory racial bias training: report

Christian Schneider
The College Fix

Excerpt: The Princeton Theological Seminary segregated participants in its mandatory racial bias training by race, according to video materials obtained by Young America’s Foundation. The training, led by Laurie Carlsson and Dr. Michelle Majors, offered three separate spaces for students and faculty to participate: A “white-only space” to “grapple with our whiteness and how we’ve been socialized, in a way that does not harm our colleagues and co-students of color,” a separate group “only open to students who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color,” and a group for participants “uncomfortable with either of these scenarios.” The segregated groups are designed to “[create] safety and support while addressing the personal institutional challenges of becoming an anti-racist institution,” Majors said during the presentation. According to materials obtained by YAF, Director of Student Life Programs Yeda Walker at one point suggests that professors go easier on minorities in class.