NU president, chancellors oppose CRT resolution, uphold academic freedom

Zach Wendling
Daily Nebraskan

Excerpt: Nearly two weeks after University of Nebraska Regent and gubernatorial candidate Jim Pillen introduced a resolution opposing critical race theory across the University of Nebraska System (NU), top university leaders released a unified statement defending academic freedom. The statement, emailed to NU faculty, staff and students Wednesday morning, comes from NU President Ted Carter and the respective chancellors from each NU campus, including University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Ronnie Green.

In it, they say they write unified “in defense of freedom of expression for all members of the University of Nebraska community.” The statement also reads. “As our policies and practices make clear, the University of Nebraska is strongly committed to academic freedom.” On the other hand, Pillen has said he represents all the citizens of Nebraska, who expect their values to be upheld by the university, and his resolution does just that.