Commentary: Ignorance is not academic freedom

Juan José Lopez-Haddad

In a recently circulated piece, a group of around twenty students warned the University against implementing anti-racist training and curricular reform. All of these claims are made under the purported grounds that it would limit free speech and academic freedom. I deeply disagree with this rationale. [The plea of the] “Princeton Open Campus Coalition to President Christopher Eisgruber ’83 to disregard the demands of student activists can only be deemed terribly disappointing and outrageous. The piece’s core arguments are the product of an ignorance that is deliberate, unapologetic, and weaponized — it is nothing but another attempt to protect deliberate, selective ignorance under the guise of academic freedom and free speech. Preventing widespread education on these topics is not an enlightened measure — rather, it casts a profoundly obscuring shadow over truths this country desperately needs to acknowledge.