The Woke Mob Comes for Prof. George

Scott Johnston
Power Line

Excerpt: The woke totalitarian mob has come for Professor Robert George at Princeton. The offense he committed was in the form of a poll question posed [by George] via Twitter (below):

“By listing or stating their preferred pronouns, people are making sure that others known their:

sex 1.4%

gender 45.2%

ideology 53.5%


Surely this cannot stand. What cannot stand? The question cannot stand. Two Daily Princetonian reporters provide a sympathetic account — sympathetic to the woke mob — of the ensuing controversy. [Lengthy quotation of the article is linked above and on this website.] The article goes on at excruciating length to explore the uproar. It gives short shrift to the absurdity of the uproar and the totalitarian gist of the proceedings. The point is that Professor George must be made to bow down before the strange new gods of the woke mob. He must profess his adherence to Big Nonbinary Sibling.