Bravo to all the winners of the 2020 HxA Open Inquiry Awards!

Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

These are heroes of academic freedom and integrity. Bursting with pride in the brave and brilliant students of the Princeton Open Campus Coalition! [The Heterodox Academy, HxA, which calls itself “the preeminent voice for open inquiry and viewpoint diversity,” announced on December 17: “We are thrilled to announce the 2020 Open Inquiry Awards winners: @John McWhorter, Leadership; @Amy Lai, Exceptional Scholarship; @JustinTosi & @BrandonWarmke, Exceptional Scholarship; Princeton Open Campus Coalition, Outstanding Student Group; and @matthewgburgess, Teaching.” The Princeton Open Campus Coalition, POCC, says its mission is “Protecting diversity of thought and the right of all students to advance their academic and personal convictions in a manner free from intimidation.”]