Kudos for PAW’s Coverage and Concerns on Withholding, Nonresponses

Bill Hewitt '74
Princeton Alumni Weekly

Excerpt: Thanks to the PAW for providing much needed coverage to the highly important – and timely – April 21 scholarly symposium “John Witherspoon in Historical Context.” This symposium provided important new information about Witherspoon’s relation to slavery. Additionally, I found the symposium an example of Princeton at its best in its earnest and forthright evaluation of certain controversial aspects of Witherspoon’s life and legacy.

I note further that the Princeton & Slavery Project, which describes itself as “an ongoing research project that will continue to grow, as users contribute new documents and additional research,” has not even acknowledged the important new information about Witherspoon’s relation to slavery published in January by Witherspoon scholar Kevin DeYoung (himself one of the presenters at the April 21 symposium).