How Free is Speech on the American College Campus? Recorded interview of Keith Whittington by Tim O’Brien

Tim O'Brien, recorded interview

Excerpt: Princeton professor and author Keith Whittington joins Tim O’Brien to talk about the current state of not-so-free-speech on the American college campus and Keith’s role in the new and growing Academic Freedom Alliance (AFA). Keith explains the growing fear among professors and instructors that the smallest thing they say or do could ruin their careers.

They could be canceled for using the wrong story or word to illustrate a point while teaching a class. Something they say or do could be perceived by some students as a triggering factor for some negative emotion. If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find stories where educators were called out by students for perceived lack of sensitivity to certain issues. Stories like those have created a growing concern among educators that something has to be done to turn the tide.