Group of St. Joe’s U. alumni withhold donations due to the school’s ‘wokeism’

Dave Huber
The College Fix

Excerpt: A group of St. Joseph’s University alumni are withholding donations to the school due to its “move toward the far left.” According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, a main sticking point with the group was the canning of Professor Greg Manco back in May. Technically, St. Joe’s refused to renew Manco’s contract — despite clearing him of any wrongdoing after a three-month investigation into tweets he made criticizing slavery reparations and bias trainings.

The alumni, six members of the classes ranging from 1968 to 1973, first contacted the university about the Manco situation in March. They recently delivered a letter to St. Joe’s officials at an alumni luncheon which blasted “the creeping illness that seems to be taking over the college. “I think it’s taken a leftist turn,” Henwood said of the university. “[It] used to be someplace special. Now, it’s fallen in line with the rest of higher education.”