Fight University Censorship, but Don’t Neglect the Big Picture: We cannot let our universities become seminaries for the priests of preselected social-justice causes.

Myles McKnight, Princeton junior
National Review

Excerpt: The censorious mob strikes again. Recent weeks have seen universities assault the right of scholars to speak freely. Amy Wax, of the University of Pennsylvania, and Ilya Shapiro, of Georgetown Law, are the latest victims of a crazed zeal to purge the scholarly community of heterodoxy. We are right to be incensed at the silencing of scholars, provocative though they sometimes are. Yet a hyper-fixation on combating university censorship risks obscuring the bigger picture -- and with it, bigger challenges. We must call on universities to actively promote a culture of free inquiry and protect an educational vision that prioritizes the pursuit of knowledge over partisan activism. Unless we do, the battle for academic freedom is a lost cause.