Editorial: UNM is right to protect all flavors of speech

Albuqurque Journal Editorial Board
Albuqurque Journal

Excerpt: If there’s a silver lining to the national attention of angry protesters storming a ballroom to shut down a young conservative speaker at the University of New Mexico, it’s how the university has handled it thus far.

Tomi Lahren, invited to speak on campus by a group of conservative students, was met at the student union last week by about 100 protesters who tried to push their way into a ballroom, banging on doors, smashing windows, knocking a hole in a wall, shouting obscenities and pulling a fire alarm. UNM, to its credit, issued a statement Friday saying it was investigating the melee and would hold accountable those who broke laws or university policies. UNM also affirmed its commitment to free speech and a marketplace of ideas.