Conservative Christian nominee ‘canceled’ by Auburn student government

John Rigolizzo
The College Fix

Excerpt: Stephen Morris, a junior nominated for a position on Auburn University’s student government, was successfully shot down because he expressed Christian and conservative beliefs on social media. He was nominated for the position of chief justice of Auburn University’s Student Government Association. At the session where his nomination was to be taken up, held remotely over video, several members of the student senate strongly opposed his nomination. Morris’s critics accused him of racism over tweets they found offensive, and declared him unfit for service in student government.

One tweet said “If you say ‘Black Lives Matter’ but ignore black-on-black murder, you’re a ridiculous hypocrite.” Another said “’Hate speech’ does not exist. Speech is not violence.” The motion to confirm Morris ultimately failed. In an interview, he lamented the “clear message it sends to the thousands of Auburn students who share my views: keep them to yourselves or be deemed unfit to serve in SGA.”