Commentary: Yale Law Is No Longer #1—For Free-Speech Debacles

David Lat
Original Jurisdiction

Excerpt: Congratulations, Stanford Law School. You’re the nation’s new top law school—when it comes to free-speech debacles.

I have received extensive information about the event from multiple sources at or affiliated with SLS, as well as Judge Duncan himself, whom I interviewed by phone. Judge Duncan then took the stage—and from the beginning of his speech, the protestors booed and heckled continually. For about ten minutes, the judge tried to give his planned remarks, but the protestors simply yelled over him, with exclamations like "You couldn't get into Stanford!" "You're not welcome here, we hate you!" "Why do you hate black people?!" "Leave and never come back!" "We hate FedSoc students, f**k them, they don't belong here either!"