Commentary: The Sport of Attacking Law Review Editors

Michael Smith
Michael Smith's Law Blog

Excerpt: Earlier this week, Gail Heriot at the Volokh Conspiracy wrote a post criticizing the editors of the Emory Law Journal for refusing to publish an invited article after the author, Larry Alexander, refused to make substantial edits to the piece. Initially, Heriot did not include a copy of the article in her post--it was unclear if she did not have access to it or if she simply declined to do so. Instead, Heriot provided a paraphrased version of portions of the article and some heavily edited quotes from correspondence sent by the Editor-In-Chief to Alexander.

Once a link to the article was posted, commentators began to speak out in favor of the Emory Law Journal's decision, noting that it exercised reasonable editorial judgment in rejecting an unsupported and needlessly offensive article. Many of Alexander's initial defenders have not reacted to criticism of the article itself.