Commentary: Persecution & Propaganda At Princeton

Rod Dreher
The American Conservative

Editors’ Note: During the orientation for the Princeton class of 2025, the entire entering class was presented with a “gallery" and was shown a 50-minute video of professors commenting on the gallery. These materials are generating controversy as demonstrated in the article by Rod Dreher in The American Conservative that is excerpted below. PFS has also heard from Princeton faculty and students who are concerned about the lack of balance in these materials in their presentation of the history of Princeton and their discussion of free speech.  For ease of reference, we provide links to the gallery and to the video. (In order to move to the next chapter in the gallery you much click on the arrow at the end of the chapter.)

Excerpt: The auto-destruction of America’s great institutions continues. In July 2020, I wrote about how a woke mob of academics and students at Princeton University were assaulting Joshua Katz, a tenured professor of Classics, over his public dissent from their racial hysterics.

Well, they’ve been dragging out Prof. Katz’s immiseration for over a year now. Incredibly, the university uses him as an example of racism on an official Princeton website dedicated to educating incoming students about the history of racism at Princeton. I repeat: this is an official university website. This is jaw-dropping stuff. Princeton University is in effect accusing a sitting professor of being an anti-black racist. The university directs incoming freshmen to read that website, in which Prof. Katz is introduced to them as one of the most evil people on campus, while the revolting race-baiter Eddie Glaude is held up as an aggrieved victim of Katz. I hope Katz has contacted a lawyer about this.

Moreover, as part of the same freshman orientation program, Princeton has produced this video, in which woke professors talk about — what else? — racism. At the 38:38 mark, Prof. Dan-el Padilla Peralta, who, as a Classics student, was mentored by Joshua Katz, but who has now turned on him, says that he’s in favor of free speech, but only to advance “social justice” and “antiracist social justice.” He says faculty help students with this, not to help them “assimilate,” and think well of Princeton, but “to provide them with the tools to tear down this place and make it a better one.”

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