Commentary: The moronic social-justice war on classics threatens our civilization

Rich Lowry
New York Post

Excerpt: The New York Times the other day profiled Princeton classicist Dan-el Padilla Peralta, who wants to destroy the study of classics as a blow for racial justice. The critique of classics as stultifying and privileged isn’t new, but in the woke era, this attack is more potent than ever and has a better chance of demolishing a foundation of Western education. At a time when Abraham Lincoln doesn’t pass muster in the progressive precincts of America, poor benighted Homer, whose chief subject was toxic masculinity, probably doesn’t stand a chance. The Times reports that the critics believe that the study of classics “has been instrumental to the invention of ‘whiteness’ and its continued domination.” To look at all these marvels [of classical antiquity] and see only “whiteness” speaks to a reductive obsession with race that is destructive, self-defeating and, in the end, profoundly depressing. Of course, the Greeks and Romans were blinkered, exclusionary, repressive and violent, but who wasn’t? Where in the ancient world did slavery not exist? What society afforded women equal status with men?