Commentary: History Professors Sue California College District Over Retaliation After Criticizing Social Justice Funding

Jonathan Turley

Excerpt: History professors Matthew Garrett and Erin Miller are suing the Kern Community College District. In their lawsuit, the professors alleged the denial of free speech and academic freedom after they publicly denounced social justice spending, and then were warned by the General Counsel of Kern Community College District not to engage in further such speech.

During a public event on September 12, 2019, Garrett argued that grant funds were being used by certain faculty members to push a partisan “social justice” agenda at the college and urged for an investigation into the grant expenditures. Professors Andrew Bond and Oliver Rosales, who sharply criticized Garret and Miller and refused to participate in a debate against them regarding the posting of anti-Marxist stickers around campus, are recipients of some of those grants. Bond and Rosales filed human resource complaints with the district against Garrett and Miller, and the school has reportedly refused to share the complaint.