Commentary: The GOP’s “Critical Race Theory” Freakout Is Spreading Across America

Caleb Ecarma
Vanity Fair

Excerpt: Idaho governor Brad Little last month signed a bill supposedly designed to bar state-funded schools and universities from “indoctrinating” students into the view that “any sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, or national origin is inherently superior or inferior.” While Idaho’s law, which is the first of its kind, may not sound disagreeable in theory, it is a different story in action, as the legislation could ostensibly ban educators from teaching that present-day financial inequality is linked to America’s history of systemic racism.

Oklahoma, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Missouri, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Iowa, and Rhode Island have all introduced similar bills or amendments, or have proposed state mandates that would have a similar impact on schools. Given that the right has struggled to demonize Biden, who enjoys higher approval ratings than his predecessor, it seems inevitable that Republicans will seize on culture war battles in hopes of winning back Congress next year.