Commentary: Former Miami Law Professor Files Federal Challenge Over Alleged Race and Gender Basis

Jonathan Turley

Excerpt: There is a new legal challenge over academic freedom and free speech brought by former University of Miami Law School Professor Dan Ravicher. Ravicher filed an Equal Opportunity Employment Commission complaint. Such complaints can be the precursor for litigation and there is every indication that Ravicher is intent on a showdown with Miami Law School.

During his tenure at Miami, Ravicher was a relative rarity not just at the law school but in academia as an open supporter of Donald Trump. Ravicher was outspoken in his views outside of the school. That drew objections from some students. Many of the tweets referenced in earlier articles appear to be deleted. However, the accounts state that Ravicher accused of Democrats of cheating in the election. After these tweets, Ravicher claims that he was told by former Dean Anthony Varona that his contract might not be renewed.