Commentary: Emerson College investigates, suspends conservative student group for stickers criticizing China’s government

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Excerpt: Emerson College suspended a campus chapter of conservative student group Turning Point USA on Oct. 1 after members passed out stickers critical of China’s government. Today, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is demanding the private institution drop its investigation against the students and reaffirm its promises of free expression.

On Sept. 29, several TPUSA members passed out stickers featuring a hammer and sickle with the caption “CHINA KINDA SUS” — slang for “suspicious.” The next day, Emerson’s International Student Affairs team sent out a statement to the college’s international students decrying the “stickers that expressed anti-China hate.” Emerson Interim President William Gilligan sent a separate email to the student body in which he promised that “the College will initiate an investigation.”