Commentary: In defense of The New York Times: A response to Rohit Narayanan ’24

Matthew Wilson
Daily Princetonian

Excerpt: In a recent column, Rohit Narayanan ’24 sharply criticized attempts by national media outlets to draw a connection between Princeton’s recent decision to fire classics professor Joshua Katz and controversial political statements made by Katz at the height of 2020’s racial unrest. According to Narayanan, the notion that the University’s reopened investigation into Katz’s past illicit relationship with a student was tainted by political bias is nothing more than a “conspiracy” that “completely misrepresents the truth of the matter.”

When Narayanan attempts to play down the strength of student activists at Princeton and dismisses still-simmering controversy over Katz’s views as long “forgotten” by students to argue that Katz’s firing was not politically motivated, he fundamentally misunderstands what is being alleged.