Commentary: Campus speech suppression is wrong – whether it points right or left

Frederick Hess and RJ Martin
American Enterprise Institute

Excerpt: Conservatives have been rightfully concerned that campus bureaucrats are using these anti-free speech policies to suppress right-leaning ideas. In truth, of course, the suppression of speech is a betrayal of higher education’s core mission whether it targets right or left. Just recently, at Stanford University, the campus censors trained their guns on a student for daring to lampoon the right.

Earlier this week, FIRE — which has done invaluable work defending campus free speech for both the left and right — sent a letter demanding Stanford cease investigating third-year law student Nicholas Wallace, who sent an email to his peers satirizing the Federalist Society and elected Republicans. Wallace announced that the campus Federalist Society chapter would be hosting a conference entitled “The Originalist Case for Inciting Insurrection.” After the Federalist Society Complained, Stanford appeared to hold hostage his degree, which carries a three-year sticker price of $200,000, until they completed their investigation.