Commentary: Alumni Organizations Are Pushing Back on Woke Campuses in Battle for Free Speech

Brett Cooper
Virginia Star

Summary: Across the country, alumni at some of the nation’s most prestigious universities have come together to take a stand against the recent trend of blatant censorship and assaults on free speech in higher education.

At Princeton University, alumni have formed the non-profit Princetonians for Free Speech, which aims to rally behind students and faculty members who have been “isolated, outnumbered, and exposed” for their beliefs, while simultaneously promoting academic freedom on campus. Some University of Virginia alumni have taken a similar approach with their creation of The Jefferson Council. The mission of these alumni organizations is largely guided by the Chicago Principles, a declaration on free expression in academia originally developed by the University of Chicago. “This whole effort is really about freedom of expression and discourse,” said John E. Craig, Jr, a founding member of Davidson College’s alumni group, Davidsonians for Freedom of Thought and Discourse. “We regard the Chicago Principles as the definitive effort.”