Commentary: Academic Freedom and the Critical Race Theory Legislation

Keith Whittington, Princeton Professor of Politics
The Volokh Conspiracy, Reason Magazine

Excerpt: I have little doubt that there are many pernicious ideas and practices currently being peddled in workplaces and schools across the country under the broad rubric of diversity, equity and inclusion. Inside Higher Ed has a report just today about an example of "diversity training" at Stanford University that might well run afoul of existing civil rights laws. Organizations that subject their members to such toxic requirements deserve all the litigation and bad publicity that they have coming to them.

Unsurprisingly, when voters are annoyed by such bad behavior, someone starts to think that there ought to be a law and politicians see an opportunity. In this context, that has resulted in a lot of ham-handed legislative proposals, some of which have already found their way into law. We are not having a very well informed or intelligent debate about that now, but a debate there will be.