Colorado University-Boulder Conference: “Decolonize” Yourself But Not With a “Sense of Urgency”

Jonathan Turley

Excerpt: Faculty across the country are being asked or required to take courses on diversity and equity as part of anti-racism programs. There are remarkable differences between these programs, including one at the Colorado University at Boulder where faculty and graduate students are taught to shed the “cultural norms of white supremacy” and to “decolonize” their classes.

The university’s Equitable Teaching Conference, hosted by the University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, included a session titled “Anti-racist pedagogy and decolonizing the classroom,” taught by Dr. Becca Ciancanelli.  One of the slides reportedly warned against “perfectionism,” “sense of urgency,” “quantity over quality,” and “individualism” as “Cultural norms of White Supremacy.”

The presentation at Boulder suggests that faculty and students should avoid individualism as a trapping of white supremacy in their own lives.