Can teachers say whatever they want in class? Here’s what we can learn from a Utah educator’s viral moment

Marjorie Cortez
Deseret News

Excerpt: A widely shared cellphone video of a Lehi High School science teacher expressing her political opinions to students in her classroom may well become a teaching moment for people training to become educators. In the video, the teacher had expressed her exhaustion with the pandemic; said she hates Donald Trump; said students don’t need to believe what their parents believe because most “are dumber than you”; and said students who don’t believe in climate change should “get the hell out.” The Alpine School District announced Wednesday that she no longer works for the school district.

Kristin Hadley, dean of Weber State University’s College of Education stated that teachers and education students are told that “you need to comport yourself as though everything were on a video, because it could be and it might be, so they have to be utmost professionals in all of those situations.”