Board of Regents talks free speech, finance and masks in class

Katherine Kealey and Finn McNally
Iowa State Daily

Excerpt: The Board of Regents State of Iowa addressed free expression on campus and heard critiques from Iowa State faculty about the Regents’ COVID-19 mitigation. The Regents met at the Iowa State Alumni Center on Wednesday as part of the dual session. Attorney and professor Todd Pettys gave a presentation to the Board on First Amendment rights from an institutional point of view.

The Board of Regents recently instituted a Freedom of Expression Policy statement, which outlines the Board’s commitment to free speech on campus. The guiding principles state it is not the role of the Regent universities to shield individuals from speech protected by the First Amendment. This includes opinions and ideas some find unwelcoming, disagreeable or offensive. Instead, it is the universities job to encourage diversity of thought and a peaceful exercise of freedom of expression.