Better than a poke in the eye: Creighton University Turning Point USA chapter’s suspension lifted, but it gets probation for planning an event featuring conservative speakers

Sabrina Conza
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Excerpt: Creighton University has placed its Turning Point USA chapter on probation based on an investigation after the group changed the details and name of a planned event. The university wrongly claims the changes endangered Creighton’s tax-exempt status.

On May 11 the university lifted TPUSA’s interim suspension but placed the group on “behavioral probation” until the end of the upcoming fall semester. Creighton found TPUSA not responsible for engaging in “Conduct Unbecoming of a Creighton Student,” intentionally providing the university false information, or knowingly allowing policy violations to occur. Although this punishment is milder than what TPUSA could have faced from the investigation — possible sanctions included suspension and expulsion — Creighton has violated its strong commitment to protect the expressive rights of students.