Alumni free speech group says faculty committee upheld complaint against University related to Joshua Katz

Paige Cromley
Daily Princetonian

Excerpt: Princetonians for Free Speech (PFS) published a notice on their website on April 19 claiming that the University’s Committee on Conference and Faculty Appeal (CCFA) had upheld an appeal regarding a complaint initiated by eight University faculty members about the University’s treatment of Joshua Katz. The complaint argued the University had unfairly targeted classics professor Katz by including a segment about his controversial statement on the first-year orientation website To Be Known and Heard.

PFS editors' note: This article in the Daily Princetonian covers the very important unanimous ruling by a faculty appeal committee that upholds a complaint filed against university administrators in the Katz matter. There are two important points left out of the article. First, Professor Klainerman has publicly stated he received a copy of the ruling directly from Professor Schwartzbauer, the appeal committee chair. Second, the appeal committee also found that the doctoring of the quote in question from Professor Katz by Princeton Administrators, which President Eisgruber dismissed as a "mistake," did, in fact, alter the meaning of the quote and should be investigated as to whether it violated Princeton rules.