Adam Hoffman ’23 Selected Publisher Of The Princeton Tory

Cassandra James

On February 21, 2021, the Board of Trustees of The Princeton Tory ratified the results of the Tory’s election, selecting former Editor-in-Chief Adam Hoffman ’23 as Publisher of the 37th Managing Board. “The times are tough,” Hoffman acknowledges, “and we are tasked to record and comment on them. In our pages, I plan to at once shepherd debate on the direction of American conservatism and also bring thoughtful critiques of the Left’s intolerance and excesses.” Hoffman succeeds Akhil Rajasekar ’21. Hoffman hopes to not only continue the Tory’s legacy of uplifting conservative voices, but also to expand its reach in new, exciting directions. “While the line between news and opinion has blurred—or has outright disappeared—for so many journalists,” he explains, “I plan to double-down on objective news. I plan to expand our news team and recommit to deliver the whole truth.