230 years later, we are still reminded of free speech

Eboni Springfield
The Northern Iowan

Excerpt: The return to campus has been long-awaited by students, faculty and staff. As young scholars fill the seats of classrooms and cafeterias, student organizations fill laptops with content and information, athletes and gravity defiers push limits in the Wellness and Recreation Center, there is one thing students must know.

There is a new free speech policy recognized by all Iowa state universities. The Board of Regents and the state of Iowa have made sure the thoughts and beliefs of students are welcomed and encouraged on UNI’s campus. This applies to every student, no matter how big or small the idea may be, or how common or unpopular the opinion.

Interestingly enough, in 2021, all three Iowa state universities need to be reminded of what it means for a campus to support free speech even though this basic human right has been protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution since 1791, almost 230 years ago.